Thursday, December 08, 2011

Carnage Rebranding Therapy

Anal Eyaculation [.ec]
Chefkirk [or]
Cornucopia [pr]
Haters [ca]
Obozdur [.ru]
Sergey Shkuratov [.ru]
Carlos Valverde [.es]
Ronny Waernes [.no]
Zenial [.pl]

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Intend It

Larb [tn/ky]
Miulew [.se]
Viktor Pavel [.de]
Sergi Saldaña [.no]
John Wiggins [ny]
Swinebolt #45 [tn
Zanstones [ky]

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Desert Caliphate Ambush

Kazuhiro Ohtsuka [.jp]
Hybrid Frecuency[.co]
LordByronIsMyLord [.gt]

Friday, January 30, 2009

Glistening Crisis Story

Andyoncall [fr]
Azbezt [pl]
Durán Vázquez [es]
Hubert Napiorski [pl]
Koude [ru]
Massacre Divino [pt]
Sarah Vacher [es]
Trip Lava [mn]

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Celebrate When Revolutions Eat Their Fathers

6RME [fr] Altavoz Lab [it] Carlos Valverde [es] Crow [uk] Subido [fr] Szbutä Soröh [br] Mbbmbbmm [de] ps [pt] Vnkx [de]

Monday, December 24, 2007

Crawling Under Your Skin

Kayaka [uk]
Kirchner [it]
ThrouRoof [it]

Monday, November 19, 2007

with Pracitcal Delusions

2Kilos &More [fr]
6RME [fr]
Anduin [va]
Artico [de]
Disco Langsum [se]
the_empath [de]
Zac Keiller [au]
Tiziano Milani [it]
Alain Neffe [be]
System Hardware Abnormal aka Urania [it]
ThrouRoof [it]
Vate [es]

Monday, June 18, 2007

in the Ruins of Ostende 1918

featuring System Hardware Abnormal aka Urania [it] the Crowded Room [id]

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Contract Expansionary Gaps

Thaniel Ion Lee [in]
Alain Neffe [be]
Minuit [es]
Ocosi [es]
Yan Jun [cn]

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Piercing Tonsils

Tod durch Arbeit [at]
DJet [ru]

Monday, October 30, 2006

Aloof Traipse

Bai + Ain [cn]
Tiziano Milani [it]
Minuit [mx]
Murmurists [uk]
NXP [no]
One Man Nation [sg]
Seiei Jack [jp]
Wilson Tsang [hk]
Ronny Wærnes [no]
Zen Lu [cn]

Friday, September 08, 2006

Bequeath Humbled Transgressions

Baba Llaga [es]
Buzzsaw & The Shavings [ca]
Mockart [de]
Ronny Wærnes [no]

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Fair Wrinkle

ECDM [es]
Violet [dc]
Industria Masoquista [eq]
Syphil [yug]

Relinquished Sordid Inclinations

Arable Farmland [il]
Tanja Schnlander [dk]
Fenner Castner [ky]
Ultra Milkmaids [fr]
Violet [dc]
Zanstones [ky]

Deceptive Ambulatory Dispersal

Smea [se]
Farmacia [ar]
Tom Furgas [oh]
Comando Bruno [es]

Bluewashed and Boilerplated

Broken Human Machine [wa]
Bertrand Denzler
Rafael Flores feat. Comando Bruno [es]
Hybryds [be]
Iversen [no]
Onq [it]
Ultra Milkmaids [fr]

Disaster Transmission Services

Komafuzz [wa]
Napalmed [cz]
Robothair [uk]
Aiden Baker [can]

Transmogrify Couplings

How Transmogrify Couplings came about in August 2003 is part of the joy and mystery that surrounds Here Be Monsters. But what can be told is this is an adventrous and wrenching story befitting it's name. Undecisive Gods and Witcyst check in from down under, Tom Furgas, Hal McGee and Ken Clinger make a showing for the US of A and Gintas K from Lithuania making his mark take this work to yet another fertile and dramatic territory.

Set the Inverse Sway Trap

The remarkable work Here Be Monsters Set the Inverse Sway Trap takes quite an excellent voyage through twisted sound spectrums.
Your contributor list:
391 recordings [uk] amy denio [wa] andres lewin-richter [es] charlie newman [ky] das synthetische mischgewebe [fr] dave fuglewicz [ga] gelsomina [fi] pbk [mi] thehorsehe'ssick [au] v. [dc] zwarre [se]
Created 1-23-2003

Cantankerous Swaths of Plumage

Late May 2002 a bountiful studio extravaganza yielded the thirteenth Here Be Monsters release Cantankerous Swaths of Plumage. A listing of attributes or contributors does no justice to the incredible effect the work has on a listener. Surely one of the best works in this series, this work, massive, massive in scope and words fail me to write about it all in a convincing manner.

The swath of contributors includeds Amy Denio [wa], Andres Lewin-Richter [es], Bryan Day [ia], Crypt [es], Dave Fuglewicz [ga], Don Campau [ca], Fritz Wildham & Ilse Killik [at], Mark Hanley [oh], Mike Jackson [nc], Minimalogic [ky], pbk [mi], Ray Carmen[oh], Steve Escott [uk], thehorsehe'ssick [au], ultra milkmaids [fr] and v. [dc].

A Tick for a Tack

In November 2001 came A Tick for a Tack which is a marvelous and intense addition to the Here Be Monsters legend. New material from Ames Sanglantes and Praying Gods from Canada along with Tim Ruth and Second Violin from America and Kazuhiro Ohtsuka from Japan are incorporated into this powerful work.

Three Long Arms

The end of November in 2000 came a crusty and every so multi-culturally charming charge by Here Be Monsters. Three Long Arms has an oft bewildering cast of Kazuhiro Ohtsuka [jp], Rinus [nl] and unsuspecting Japanese residents of Turin, Adam Bohman [uk] plus a twisted and cold recent Asa Nisi Masa [ky] session with Tim Ruth. There is something unsuspectingly lovely somehow here despite how unlike that would be.

Determine Modern Vexations

another desirable deranged adventure: Here Be Monsters Determine Modern Vexations

with Adam Bohman [uk], Tom Furgas [oh], Dave Fuglewicz [ga], Roger Hayes [wa], Mystery Hearsay [tn], Brian Noring [ia] and John Wiggins [ny].
From the summer of 1999 comes a new adventure from Here Be Monsters. From now on an eight-track is utilized like a stereo four-track to achieve the curious phenomenon that is HBM. Damning Spot of Reality has all the twists and turns one wants from a Here Be Monsters' tape, and then some. The title refers to a sound source that brings a mix ‘down’ by injecting a spot of reality in the abstract work.

This episode features Larb [ky/tn], Dave Fuglewicz [ga], John Wiggins [ny] and De Fabriek [nl].

Suckling the Swatted Fly

Suckling the Swatted Fly is the excellent HBM tape that almost fell through the cracks. Recorded in 1992, but released only in late 1994 it has a side long joyous journey with sound of John Wiggins [ny], Agog [ca], Minóy [ca], Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer [at]and Tom Furgas [oh].

Thousands Are Still Asleep

The 7th HBM release Thousands Are Still Asleep was remixed the first day in 1992. This tape shifts through a variety of moods, from serene to confrontational with subtle interplay between the many elements of rhythm, keyboards, voices and sound sources. This is my favorite remix of all the HBM tapes and it includes sounds from Adam Bohman [uk], Crow [uk], Agog [ca], PBK [mi], Mystery Hearsay [tn], De Fabriek [nl], Merz [es], the Van Der Veens [nl], Tuf [jp], Kazuhiro Ohtsuka [jp], Sismoid [fr] and factor X [uk]. This is a far cry from some of my chaotic mixes as this is warm and inviting with careful modulations in sounds.


No Moth Equipped with a Lightning Bug

No Moth Equipped with a Lightning Bug includes sounds, music and rhythms by Mika Jaxun [tn], Alas Dies Laughing [ny], PBK [mi], Mike Stevens [ia], F:A.R. [it], Minóy [ca], Agog [ca], Tom Furgas [oh], Hal McGee [fl], John Wiggins [ny], Runzlestirn and Gurglestock [ch], HOW [nl], -1348- [dc], Jesoz Hopkins [uk], Kazuhiro Ohtsuka [jp], Robert Ommundsen [no], Fiora Carones [it] and more. I am very happy to be recording again and using these great sources, and I believe that this pleasure will be evident when listening to the tapes.

Magnus Sixtus Ruckus

Magnus Sixtus Opus, No Moth Equipped with a Lightening Bug and Thousands are Still Asleep were started in the beginning of December 1991 after I purchased my Pioneer M6R deck that shuttle plays and records 6 cassettes. I loaded up the deck with 6 source tapes per track and pause edited long sections together. This is an exciting development in my recording capabilities, and it has finally gotten me back into using the many sound sources that people have sent over the years. These are continually evolving mixes of challenging complexity and thrilling permutations.

Magnus Sixtus Ruckus features sources from the Van Der Veens [nl], PBK [mi], Agog [ca], Mystery Hearsay [tn], Ken Clinger [pa], Minóy [ca], factor X [uk], Mike Tetrault [md], Barry Edgar Pilcher [uk], If,Bwana [ny], Kazuhiro Ohtsuka [jp], Hal McGee [fl], Tom Furgas [oh] and more.

Jesus is My Boobie

Jesus is My Boobie is a curious amalgamation of sound environments. Each suggest different subjects and movements. There is a classical composition, an environmental composition, various vocal situations and other events evoking different moods and thoughts in the listener.

A riot of performers here: Runzlestirn & Gurglestock [ch], Grey Jazz Clan [ia], factor X [uk], Hal McGee [fl], Agog [ca], Tom Furgas [oh] and the 21st Century String Quartet [ky].

So!................. Ve Vait

Diversity and humor propel So!................. Ve Vait to its level of catchyness. There is the absolutely evil Minóy vocal piece "PM", the bordering-on-insanity "Truly Perfect Asshole", the environmental Barb & Zan Show experiments and more!

Here we have audio sources of Minóy [ca], Hal McGee [fl], Shaun Roberts [uk], Lawrence Salvitore [il], Nick [in], Zan Hoffman and Barb Hall [ky].

Choosing the Weapons

Choosing the Weapons, the second in the series, is an earlier tape with a queer assemblage of remixes from 1988 with lyrics from Selves w/o Shells, and sounds from Ditto [nl], PBK [ca], Tuf [jp], Adam Bohman [uk], Agog [ca], Mark Hanley [oh], Amandaman [nl], Ken Clinger [pa], Nu Jetson [ca], Big City Orchestra [ca], Orval and Lordamonagog XVII. To quote from the cover: "What does it all mean? I wish I could tell you. Four-track mixes galore."

From Drama to Farce / Barbarymix

These are four-track recordings using a large variety of sound sources and contributors. Barbarymix and From Drama to Farce are the same four-track, different remixes-the former being by my girlfriend (who had never used a four-track and never heard the master tape) which is a refreshing 'light' mix, heavy on the stereo imagery, and the latter is my more dense mix.

Sounds of Crow [uk], Tom Furgas [oh], John Hudak [nj], Agog [ca], Nick [in], factor X [uk], and Robert Ommundson [no].