Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Magnus Sixtus Ruckus

Magnus Sixtus Opus, No Moth Equipped with a Lightening Bug and Thousands are Still Asleep were started in the beginning of December 1991 after I purchased my Pioneer M6R deck that shuttle plays and records 6 cassettes. I loaded up the deck with 6 source tapes per track and pause edited long sections together. This is an exciting development in my recording capabilities, and it has finally gotten me back into using the many sound sources that people have sent over the years. These are continually evolving mixes of challenging complexity and thrilling permutations.

Magnus Sixtus Ruckus features sources from the Van Der Veens [nl], PBK [mi], Agog [ca], Mystery Hearsay [tn], Ken Clinger [pa], Minóy [ca], factor X [uk], Mike Tetrault [md], Barry Edgar Pilcher [uk], If,Bwana [ny], Kazuhiro Ohtsuka [jp], Hal McGee [fl], Tom Furgas [oh] and more.

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